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Ongoing Jobs - What is it?

An Employer can post a request for Virtual Assistant(s) by posting an Ongoing Job. Workers will see such job listed and will apply to it. Each applicant will explain why he/she is suitable for this job. Employer will then review applications, chat with applicants (Workers) and select the one that suits most. A Project is created and a Worker gets hired.  #VirtualAssistant  #Long-term  #Secretary

Try it, its easy and FREE to hire!

How to start an Ongoing Job?

  • Employer Mark posts a job: "Check 3 websites positions in Google"
  • Workers send in applications (over 100 Workers have applied!)
  • Employer Mark reviews applications and select a Worker (one or more)
  • For each selected Worker, Mark will create a Project. In our example Mark created a Project named "Airlines Position"
  • Once Project was created, Lucy has been notified and she can start working (as per Mark's instructions)
  • Mark will review each proof (when he has time) then he will rate tasks Satisfied or Not-Satisfied
  • Lucy will get paid
  • During the project they can chat with each other


This is how the Project screen looks like




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