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I like to do any kind of jobs & also like to face new challenges
ID a580745c
Member since      April 2019
Country Sri Lanka
Birthday 31. Aug
  199 Points | Level 1
Last Small task      18 hrs
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Earned $10.59

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Simple & Honest





Small Jobs


Earned $10.59
Tasks done 181
Satisfied 149
Not-Satisfied 28
Average earned /task $0.07
Success rate 84% All time

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Ongoing Jobs  
Earned $0.00
Tasks done 0
Satisfied 0
Not-Satisfied 0
Average earned /task $0.00
Success rate ????

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Small Jobs

Small Jobs started 0
Tasks paid 0
Average paid /task $0.00

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Ongoing Jobs

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Average paid /task $0.00

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  Fluent (4)

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I am best at

Information Technologies


Hobbies & Interests

Finding New Technologies
Watching Films


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