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Blogger and Digital Marketer
ID 82211842
Member since      November 2018
Country Nepal
Birthday 12. Mar
  1550 Points | Level 5
Last Small task      4 hrs
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Earned $12.78

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I started blogging and digital marketing as a fun but now it has become my vocation





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Earned $12.78
Tasks done 152
Satisfied 138
Not-Satisfied 14
Average earned /task $0.09
Success rate 91% All time

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Ongoing Jobs  
Earned $0.00
Tasks done 0
Satisfied 0
Not-Satisfied 0
Average earned /task $0.00
Success rate ????

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Small Jobs

Small Jobs started 13
Tasks paid 1355
Average paid /task $0.04

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Ongoing Jobs

Ongoing Jobs started 0
Tasks paid 0
Average paid /task $0.00

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