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Please spend few minutes to read this FAQ.

It is important to understand how Picoworkers operates. Understanding the system will make you a better Worker and a better Employer.


What is Picoworkers?

Picoworkers is an online marketplace that connects Freelancers around the world with customers. Customers who need other people to help them to support their online/offline business come to Picoworkers. Here they can hire Workers for easy and quick jobs (Small Jobs) as well as for long-term jobs (Ongoing Jobs) where Workers become your Virtual Assistants. Featuring two different types of Jobs makes Picoworkers suitable for those who have less time and prefer to do quick tasks and also for those who posses certain skills and  prefer to work longer hours to earn more.

Who are Employers?
Employers are people who need help getting tasks done. Employers post new Jobs for Workers to complete. Employers review submitted tasks and pay Workers for their help.

Who are Workers?
Workers are people who enjoy helping others. Workers accept jobs they like and deliver results, then get paid.

How many accounts can I have?
Each person can only create one account. A user can be both, a Worker and an Employer at the same time.

What jobs can a Worker accept?
Workers should only accept jobs they are capable of finishing. Accepting a job and submitting a false or incomplete proof will raise a red flag. In most cases three (3) red flags lead to account termination.

What is Profile page?
Each user gets a Profile page which can be personalized to reflect user's experiences, beliefs and expectations. Users can edit sections such as: About me, Languages spoken, My Photo, Background image, etc. Profile page also shows user information such as: Nickname, Country, Work done, Money earned, Last login and others. Please visit your Profile page to learn about features and update information on it. Good Profile page will make you stand out of the crowd and can get you hired faster.


Small Jobs

What is Success Rate?
Workers must maintain a success rate of above 75% at all times (Satisfied tasks). Too many Not-Satisfied tasks will lower Worker's success rate. Low success rate prevents a Worker from performing jobs for the next 30 days.

How can I offer a Small Job to Workers?
Go to My Jobs page (section Small Jobs), click on "Start a new Job" and post your job. All Jobs submitted are reviewed for approval before displayed to the Workers.

Can I cancel my job that is still pending review?
Should you want to Cancel a job before it is activated in the system, simply click on the Cancel link in your My Jobs page (section Small Jobs). Funds locked for that Job will be credited back to your account.

Do Employers get charged for every task?
Employers pay only for tasks they are satisfied with. Picoworkers does not charge any money of fees for tasks that did not meet requirements set by Employers. Employers have a chance to rate every submitted task.

How do I rate tasks? (and auto-rating)
Go to "My Jobs" page and choose the Job you wish to review. Click on the "Submitted tasks" link and a list of all submitted tasks will be displayed in a single page. You do not have to individually open each task to check the proof. With the Select All box, approving several tasks can be done with just a single click. However, should you prefer to approve each task one by one, you can always do so. A "Satisfied" rating automatically transfers the fund you have set aside for a task to each individual Worker's account. You would only be paying for tasks you rate "Satisfied". Should you find a submitted proof unacceptable, click on the Task ID and decline such task. A box will open. Enter a reason for declining the task and click Submit. No tasks should remain open for a long period of time. If you forget to rate your Workers' tasks, they will automatically be closed by the system and will be rated "Satisfied" after the Time-to-rate period.

Can I stop my Job once it is running?
Should you want to end your Job even before all available positions have ran out, simply click on the Stop link in your Job page. Funds for unused positions will be credited back to your account.

Acceptable jobs
We accept jobs that help Employers promote their business (website, apps,...) or help them do something they cannot do by themselves; where they need more people and their knowledge to achieve goals. It is acceptable to ask Workers to: Sign up to a website, Write an article, Do a research, Search online, Blog about products, Place banners or links on their website, Upload or Download videos or pictures, Subscribe to newsletter, Vote online, etc.

Not acceptable jobs
We do not accept any job that could harm a third party. No spam or scam jobs will be approved. It is not acceptable to ask Workers to: Use a credit card or disclose their credit card information, Provide bank account details, Spam or harm a website, Use any form of payment to finish a task, Exchange money between payment systems, Create fake review, Give negative rating or negative feedback, Sign up to website requiring activation or membership fee, Sign up for a free trial or similar offers that might risk payment charges after free trial expires, Perform more than 3 connected tasks in a single Campaign, Asking for proofs to be emailed (all proofs must be places in proof box), etc.

Job fees
We charge small fee to review every Job, correct it and monitor the system. Job approval fee is $0.4. Fee for tasks rated Satisfied is 7%.


Ongoing Jobs

What are Ongoing Jobs?
The difference between Small Jobs and Ongoing Jobs is that in Small Jobs you hire many random Workers to basically perform same kind of task while in Ongoing Jobs you want to hire someone who would work on a more complex problem and preferrably longer term. You (an Employer) would consider starting an Ongoing Job when you want to hire someone to perform tasks for you on regular basis (once per day, few times per week, once weekly,...) rather than asking different people to do that. By hiring someone and assigning a Project, that person will chat with you to understand the problem, then deliver results when required by you. Such Workers can for example update your website in weekly basis or add products to your online shop, while you would just monitor their work and accept or reject tasks. Ongoing Projects are an easy way to hire someone and keep track of their progress in one place.

How can I offer an Ongoing Job to Workers?
Go to My Jobs page (section Ongoing Jobs), click on "Start a new Job" and post your job. All Jobs submitted are reviewed for approval before displayed to the Workers.

How do I hire Workers, What are Projects?
Once we review and approve your job, it will be shown to users on Picoworkers website. After reading your requirements, Workers can decide to apply for the job or no. When applying each Worker will explain why he/she is the best Worker to be hired. Those who will apply will be listed in "My Jobs" sections where you can review their applications, chat with them and hire those you like. When you hire a Workers, you will be asked to assign a Project name. As each Ongoing Job can consist of more Projects, this setup make it easy for you to keep track with a Worker and tasks submitted.

Chatting with other users
We allow Employers to chat with their Workers and we also allow Workers to chat with Employers if they have applied for their job. However you cannot chat with users on the website if you are not connected through Ongoing Job. This can change in the future as we will enable more options.

Terminating a Project
If you decide you no longer need certain Worker, you can easily terminate a Project. Even if Project was terminated you can still re-hire same Worker later if you want.

Resigning from a Project
A Worker can decide to quit a Project. By selecting "Resign" option, a Project will be stopped but Employer can still re-hire same Worker later.

Changing pay per task value
Employers can change how much they want to pay for tasks submitted by Workers. The amount can be raised or lowered at any time. Worker on the Project will accept or decline suggested change.

Can I cancel my job that is still pending review?
Should you want to Cancel a job before it is activated in the system, simply click on the Cancel link in your My Jobs (section Ongoing Jobs) page. Funds spent for this Job approval will be credited back to your account.

Do Employers get charged up front?
No, we don't charge Employers when starting an Ongoing Job. The reason is that we don't know how many tasks will a Worker submit. Some Projects can last short term (only few tasks) while some Projects can last months or years. Employers are paying for each task the rate "Satisfied".

Do Employers get charged for every task?
Employers only pay only for tasks they are satisfied with. Picoworkers does not charge any money of fees for tasks that did not meet requirements set by Employers. Employers have a chance to rate every submitted task.

How do I rate tasks in Projects?
Go to "My Jobs" page, look at the bottom of the page and select a Project you wish to review tasks for. You will land on Project page where all tasks for this Project (Worker) are listed. You can open each individual task and rate it. When Employer rates task "Satisfied", we will deduct the amount (payment per task) from Employer's account adding Picoworker low fee.

What is Employer doesn't for a task?
If your Employer forgot to pay you for a task you submitted (or didn't pay for some other reason) we suggest you to stop submittin more tasks until any un-rated tasks are paid (just like in real life). You can contact such Employer via Messaging system and discuss the issue. If the issue can't be resolved, please contact Picoworkers support.

Can I stop my Job from accepting new Workers?
Yes! Go to "My Jobs", then click on a Job name. That will bring you to Job Details page. Here you can modify "Accepting Workers" section. You can stop or resume accepting new Workers.

Why would I edit My Job?
Sometimes you will maybe want to update your Ongoing Job description or just change the job picture. You can do that from Job Details page. Even if you have already hired Workers and they have already been assigned their Projects, you can modify the job for the new Workers who are yet to apply. For example: You hired two Workers but you decide to hire two more - and you feel the job description would sound better if you change few sentences. Or maybe you want to offer higher payment to new workers. Please note that updated description must looks similar than previous description. It is not allowed to change description completely - in that case we suggest you to run a new job.



When users deposit money using automated deposit option, money is available in their account immediately. On your first deposit, we will verify your identity. We charge no fee on deposits. Deposits options are listed on Deposit page.

Users can withdraw money when they earn $5. Withdrawals are processed few times per week. We charge small fee to process withdrawals. Different withdrawals options come with different fees. Users can select among many withdrawals methods listed on Withdrawal page.

How do I fund my Jobs?
Click on the "Deposit" link from the top menu to see deposit options.

Scamming, spamming or misleading users
We believe Picoworkers should stay a clean place - We work hard to make it reliable and useful to both, Employers and Workers. Therefore we do not tolerate any illegal activities, scam, spam or trying to mislead other users in order to gain advantage, get free work or ask others to perform actions that are not legal. We monitor many things in the backend and as soon as we notice strange behaviour, we put such accounts on hold and contact the owner. In cases where we are 100% a user has tried to perform an illegal activity, we will immediately terminate such account. Read Terms of use to learn more.

I have more questions!
Please email us at [email protected] and we will get back to you as soon as possible.




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