Now Get 5% Bonus on all Crypto Deposits Workers in Real-time

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Want to get paid percentage from every deposit Employers make
and from each task members in your downline finish?

Post your referral link on blogs, websites, forums, social media or write Picoworkers review - Bring new members (Workers & Employers) and earn passive income for life!


Referral link & Statistics

Login to Picoworkers, go to My Account to find your Referral link. You can access your Referral statistics from the top menu on every page (Referrals). Statistics shows how many users have signed up under your ID and also how much you were paid.

How do I earn my commission?

Bring new members and earn when they deposit and when they work.
Passive income for life! Its that easy!

Where can I place my link?

You can place your link on blogs, forums, websites, social media, reviews,...

Will the bonus add to my balance?

Yes! Bonus you will receive will add to your account balance immediately once the deposit has cleared or once a member's task has been rated Satisfied.

Hot to maximize my earnings?

To earn with your Referral link, you should target new workers and potential Employers all over the world. Employers from Western countries constantly look for Workers in Asia. We advise you to post to international websites/forums and write Picoworkers reviews explaining how an Employer can benefit from using Picoworkers platform, Small Jobs and Ongoing Jobs. Some Employers run many jobs - your earnings can be really big if you manage to bring them on board. Nice screenshots and images will make your reviews stand out!

How much will I earn?

For each deposit Employers make, you will be rewarded with 5%
For each task members in your downlinel finish, you will earn 5%

The more people will use Picoworkers platform, the more you will get paid!




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