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ask people to help you

— Sign up to a website
— Like a Facebook Page
— Review your Website or Product
— Watch your Videos
— Follow you on Instagram,... and much more

Review and pay Workers for every task you are satisfied with and optimize your schedule.

deliver work and get paid

— Browse Small and Ongoing jobs
— Select jobs you like
— Finish tasks as required by Employer
— Submit proof
— Earn money

Get paid immediately after task is reviewed rather than waiting for a month.


  Two types of jobs to select from

Small Jobs  (simple, easy to do, many Workers)

Do you need many random Workers to help you with small tasks?

This is where Small Jobs come handy! They are easy to do and require little time to finish. You can ask 1000 Workers to Like your Facebook page or Follow you on Twitter for example.

Ongoing Jobs  (complex, paying more, hire an Assistant)

Have you ever wanted to hire few people to help you for weeks or months?

Start an Ongoing Job, review applications and hire Workers you like most. Ideally you would hire 1-5 people. You only pay when you are satisfied!

Ongoing Job Example (with screenshots)


Featured Small Jobs

Earn Money with GDI: Sign up  $0.08
iPhone: Download + Sign up...  $0.22
Search for a site + Click  $0.06
Earn money with GDI: Sign up  $0.10
Visit Page + Submit Info  $0.08
Fiverr: Sign up + Review +...  $0.14
Android app testing: Download...  $0.17
Pivot app: Download + Sign up  $0.14
Visit Website + Click 1x  $0.07
Submit your email   $0.18
Is Trump Fit To Be President:...  $0.14
Visit Website + Click 2x  $0.04
iOS App: Write review on an iO...  $0.50
Robinhood: Free Stock Worth Up...  $0.75
Click 3 vote Buttons - Finishe...  $0.06
Robinhood: Sign up + Download...  $0.30
Search + Click + Read - Forex  $0.04
Visit Website + Click 2x  $0.04
Forums: Promote my ad (Bonus...  $0.15
Phone Call Test 1  $0.40
Best Change: Visit the website  $0.02
Lnkclik: Sign up  $0.21
Post + Tag 50 UK Facebook frie...  $0.10
Streetbees: Sign up + Complete...  $0.14
Visit a Website for 60 Seconds  $0.02
Ngasih rate bintang 5 di...  $0.10
Dash app: Download (Optional $...  $0.28
Iphone: Sign up (Offer)  $0.27
Post 1x + Link  $0.50
Earn Easy Commission: Sign up  $0.20
Dent App: Download + Sign up  $0.12
Visit Website + Click 1x  $0.03
iOS App: Download + Open  $0.21
Youtube Subscribe: Forex Robotz  $0.04
Clixsense: Sign up  $0.10
Phone Call 3 - TV  $0.50
Youtube Subscribe: BroDDawg  $0.08
US IOS Only Download + Install...  $0.24
Share a post on Twitter/Facebo...  $0.13
Clixsense: Sign up  $0.08

Featured Ongoing Jobs

Data Analytics (Entry Level)
$3.25 per task ~ $97.50/mon
Mobile App installs
$0.20 per task ~ $12.00/mon
Create Social Media Verified Account
$0.20 per task ~ $6.00/mon
10 Minutes Facebook Post Sharing Task
$0.20 per task ~ $12.00/mon
Rent Your Forum Signature Link
$2.50 per task ~ $10.00/mon
Small tasks Every day
$0.20 per task ~ $0.60/mon
Completing Small Tasks for Cash
$0.40 per task ~ $12.00/mon
Sign Up to Get Gatorade Samples (US)
$0.20 per task ~ $12.00/mon
Hiring Writers (USA, Canada)
$4.00 per task ~ $16.00/mon
Post on Assigned Forum Regularly
$1.00 per task ~ $4.00/mon
Simple Sign up/ Registration Tasks Daily
$0.20 per task ~ $6.00/mon
Referral Sign ups needed (Daily)
$0.20 per task ~ $12.00/mon
Simple Sign ups (Few Countries)
$0.50 per task ~ $0.50/mon
Download Android Apps (Install/Review)
$0.20 per task ~ $6.00/mon
Work on survey sites and micro tasks
$0.50 per task ~ $6.00/mon

 Signup Bonus $0.75 

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